None of the band are blood related, but family ties run generations deep helping to create a musical chemistry that is impossible to fake. With the ages of its members ranging from 24 to 54, The Too’s meld lifetimes of influence into their Americana sound. Tinges of Tom Petty, James Taylor, The Byrds and Big Star come through in their familiar but unpredictable songs. In May of 2013 the group headed into The Studio in Springfield MO and recorded “The Too’s at Lou’s” a live EP named after its producer Lou Whitney (Wilco, Del-Lords). The EP features 5 songs written by Isaac Duncan exploring topics ranging from meandering Missouri summers, to an early morning side of the highway shoot out.  The recordings garnered regional acclaim and received radio play in AR, KS, OK, MO and TN.

In May of 2014 the band reconvened at Whitney’s studio, bringing with them Karl Doner on bass, a new drummer in Lewis Brossman, and songs from both Isaac Duncan and guitarist Eli Chambers.  Ten songs were tracked, and with the guidance of Whitney, ideas were distilled into what would become the original version of the band's first full length album OUTER SOUNDS.  This version was never fully completed. The band’s producer and mentor Lou Whitney passed away in October of that year.

With a partially completed album in hand, the group reached out to Kansas City producer Lennon Bone.  Born in West Plains MO, Bone knew and respected Lou’s lifetime of work, and was excited to help the band push what they had started into completion. In November 2015, The Too’s met at Element Studios in downtown KCMO. Here, the album began to take a slightly different shape.  Tracks from the original session were used when fitting. Other songs were entirely re-recorded.  Nuanced textures and grittier tones lay underneath and all around many of the album’s melodies, creating songs that are at once new, nostalgic and catchy. In the end, the track “Tired” remains untouched from its original version and serves as an homage to the late Lou Whitney.  

OUTER SOUNDS are off in the distance.  They pull you in every which way.  They’re good and they are bad, happy and sad.  You know, even when we are different, we’re mostly just alike.